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Flight Simulator
Flight Simulator
Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator

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Packaging : Retail Date First Available : April 14, 2022

Flight Simulator 2002 gives you a piloting experience that's so realit'll make you think you're in a cockpit. Fly floatplanes that take off& land from lakes, rivers and bays New flight analysis tools and acomplete airport Database are included.Features: Fly 12 of the most advanced aircraft in the world Interactive Air Traffic Control(ATC) simulates real traffic -- get takeoff clearance, request permission to land, and receive instrument vectors Auto-generated 3D tools fill in the landscape and add scenery Gorgeous 3D rendered cockpits are fully interactive Track yourself anywhere in the world with the GPS systemSystem Requirements:Windows 98/Me CD - 64 MP RAM Windows 2000/XP CD - 128 MB RAM Processor: 300 MHz