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Hot Toddy Glasses By Viski

Hot Toddy Glasses By Viski

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Still Using A Regular Mug For Your Hot Toddies And Spiked Hot Chocolate? The Hot Toddy Glass By Viski Will Elevate Your Beverage Game The Viski Hot Toddy Glass Is Perfect For Drinks Such As: Hot Toddy. Mulled Wine. Irish Coffee. Or Hot Buttered Rum

-Set Of 2
-12 Oz Capacity
-Clear Glass
-Stylish Design

No Matter What You Drink. Your Hot Cocktails Deserve Their Own Glassware

Try It Out With Some Layered Coffee Concoctions. Which Are Absolutely Striking In The Hot Cocktail Glass Subtle Curves And A Modern Footed Base Complete This Refined. Yet Approachable Mug And With 12 Ounce Capacity. You Have Plenty Of Room For Your Favorite Hot Cocktails Elevate Your Beverage Game - Do You Use A Regular Old Coffee Mug For Irish Coffee Or Mulled Wine? It’s Time To Upgrade Your Cocktail Glassware This Hot Toddy Glass Is A Refined. Elegant Way To Enjoy Hot Beverages And Show Off Your Garnishes Way Better Than A Regular Mug - One Of The Best Parts About High-End Cocktail Drinkware Is The Clarity That Lets You Show Off The Enticing Beverage Within This Clear Glass Mug Lets You Show Off Layered Irish Coffee Or The Bright Colors Of Mulled Wine Perfect For Any Hot Beverages - More Than Just Toddies Benefit From Being Served In A Clear Mug Show Off Your Favorite Matcha In The Hot Toddy Mug. As The Luminous Green Is Absolutely Gorgeous Colorful Teas And Spiced Mulled Wine Also Look Beautiful In This Tumbler Great Gift - If You Know Someone Who Loves Making Cocktail Recipes. They Have Lots Of Bar Tools And Drinkware But They Probably Don’T Have Clear Hot Cocktail Glasses! This Glass Also Works Great For Espresso. Lattes. Cappuccino. And Any Coffee Drink Modern Footed Base And Sleek Style - The Viski Hot Toddy Glass Features A Refined. Modern Glass Base That Mirrors The Curves Of The Mug This Creates A Sleek. Clean Look Unlike Some Stuffy Glass Accessories Fits Perfectly Into The Modern Kitchen Or Bar
Country of Origin:- China